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Monday, September 12, 2005

Joyce Doré

Joyce Dore is dyslexic, but she doesn't let that stop her writing books. Her husband, Ted, has Alzheimer's, taking up much of her time but she's still very active, buzzing around looking after him, full of activity.

She's something of a mystic, capable of regression, although she's reluctant to really say how that happens, but she does hint at self-hypnosis. Whatever the method she uses her psychic abilities when writing her books.

Her book Hemlock ISBN 1-898030-87-1 is about Boudica (often called Boadicea) Queen of the Iceni tribe, who lived in East Anglia, England during the time of the Roman occupation. We know she successfully sacked the town of Camulodunum (now Colchester) and incited rebellion.


Popular myth suggests she was captured and forced to drink hemlock. Joyce's account tells a different, more plausible, story saying that she was captured then taken to Rome to stand before the Emperor Nero. It is a believable, often harrowing tale, telling of the life and times of a brave Queen standing alone again.

reluctantly Joyce has revealed that she wrote this story as a result of finding herself standing beside Boudica as she went through the final days of her life.

With Chamois Joyce intended to write of life in a far distant future. She had no idea that earthquakes would begin, or that a a small boy of Scandavanian origin would be found, thought at first to be an orphan, or that China would really start to emerge as a world power or that a longevity pill had been devised.

The world is a richer place with Joyce Doré around. see Joyce Doré web site or Braiswick: her publisher

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Deep I

Deep I
Sophia Michaels, ISBN 1 898030 72 3, £8.50. see Braiswick

Sophia Michaels lives in Ipswich. More than that, she is an Ipswich girl, born and bred, who lives in the town with her husband and son.

Like most women of her age she is constantly juggling, with time, with money, with life.

She has found time to write poetry. This is poetry of life written by a woman, a lover, a mother, a child, a parent, a real person who touches emotions in ways we can all understand.