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Friday, October 14, 2005

Daughter Dedannan and the Cauldron of Undry

Published by Braiswick, your very own Felixstowe publisher, this book ISBN 1-898030-89-8 is available from the best of all bookshops.

It is a story filled with Irish banshees and wild boars and Celtic warriors, where the Dedannan tribe, early settlers on shores of the emerald isle travel through the history of Ireland. Fantasy mixed with sociological detail will appeal to a young adult audience looking for more.

The idea for the book began when 12-year-old Ben Ressler of Castleton, Vermont, USA told his mom, writer Eileen Ressler, a story filled with Irish banshees and wild boars and Celtic warriors.

She researched their family history, starting with 1905 when her grandmother Kitty Reilly left the family homestead in Cavan, Ireland.

Eileen kept probing until a whole world of ancient custom and mythology opened up. Two years later she had completed this novel about the mythical Dedannan tribe who, according to legend, were among the first to settle on shores of the emerald isle.

Entwining fantasy with precise sociological detail about ancient Ireland, the novel was first written for a young adult audience but will draw in any reader with a taste for Irish myth or history.

Take yourself into another world.


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