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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Savannah, Georgia

Two volumes of this trilogy about the American Civil War in Georgia have now been completed, and are available from any reputable bookstore. This historical novel includes adventure and a romantic triangle involving Kathryn, a wealthy planter's daughter, and two suitors, Martin Caldwell, a Patriot, and Brent Robertson, a Loyalist.

Other characters include Sky, a young multiracial girl, so poor she has no last name. Sky is orphaned when a group of drunken seamen slaughter her father, liquor still owner and pimp for his wife, and mother. Sky escapes from the seamen with only the rags on her back and the black voodoo learned from her grandmother. She survives by murder, selling herself into slavery and buying herself back with profits from her magic.

Two white characters sell themselves into an equivalent slavery of loveless relationships. Mary, a minister's daughter, escapes her parents' strictness by seducing a local militiaman. She realizes she is pregnant by him but he dies in battle never knowing that fact. She moves on to another loveless affair and then a loveless marriage. Brent, a Loyalist soldier, makes a Native American style marriage to a Mico's daughter to gain Indian braves to aid the British in the Revolution.

There is a similarity between the colonies gnawing the umbilical cord that binds them to the mother country and the characters in this story.

Mirror My Soul, the second book, brings other characters to the center stage, and has a love triangle with a Loyalist and a Patriot vying for the love of one lady. In Charleston Lincoln;s army surrenders, the lowest point in the Patriots campaign.

American history brought to life - enjoy, and learn a little along the way.
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Savannah Spell
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Mirror My Soul
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