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Friday, February 17, 2006


Christina Manolescu now lives in Montreal. She once lived in London.

She is superb writing talent, one that deserves wide recognition.

Some years ago she started writing a novel, called Baglady. At that time she was in London, and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her.

We were both helping other writers, she was secretary of the Small Press Group and I had founded (with others) Author Publisher Network, and ran author.co.uk (now in the hands of a mean-minded little man whose only concern is money, who is to be despised by all).

We talked about Baglady, which the flyleaf of the book describes as a 'a dark-humoured romp through the hazardous sixties', which many people now say they missed, but clearly Christina saw enough to make notes. It moves on through the 'austere seventies', and that must mean the latter part when Thatcher's shadow fell across our minds as it leads to the 'bleak eighties' and then the 'leaner meaner nineties'

It's a memoir that bites back at its own history with every carefully crafted word. This is not the place for a comprehensive review, let it suffice that I wish that Braiswick had published this work of genius. It deserves to win prizes, it must be read, carefully and thoughtfully. This is literature. It will stand the test of time. One day it will be regarded as a great work.

I'm immensely proud to have been acknowledged by Christina. I did very little but today I am extremely happy to see this book in print.

ISBN 1-894967-31-3 You can read the first chapter at the Prince Chameleon site

Do so, and the pictures are stunning. A book to treasure.


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