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Friday, February 03, 2006


We plan to publish this book, Birth-2-Bar/Batmitzvah written by Rita Christie and Sue Gordon, in May 2006.

It is reminiscences in verse of a Jewish boy and girl as they travel towards that significant day when by Jewish law they become man and woman.

It is two books inside one cover.

This unique collection of rhymed reminiscing follows the years from Birth-2-Bar and Batmitzvah through the eyes of a Jewish boy and girl, and allows us to enter into their thoughts and feelings as they grow towards this important landmark.

The unfolding story shows the introduction to Judaism by family example, and whilst lighthearted in content, describes clearly the pleasure gained and the importance for a Jewish child to understand his or her heritage.

Although fictitious, it has links to Rita and Sue’s experiences with their own children and grandchildren. It will appeal to all age groups, as the years turn with each page, it will bring back many wonderful memories to grandparents and parents, while connecting with the feelings felt by every child, as they change from child to young adults.

Email advance orders to sales@braiswick.com and we will send you more details as soon as the book is available.


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