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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Parallel Lines

Norah Spie was born in Zimbabwe. This book, Parallel Lines, ISBN 1-898030-92-8, is a moving account of her early life, living, growing up, going to school and working in and around Harare, thye capital of Zimbabwe.

It's written through her eyes, as a young woman in an exciting changing world. She sees the possibilities offered to her and her friends. She shows their lives, describes their loves and lives, in an easy-going chatty way.

It does not make any political statements as a young person like Norah was not interested in national affairs. She just wanted to enjoy life.

The book can be ordered through any bookshop worldwide or email sales@braiswick.com if you have difficulty. Please allow a few days for the book industry to realise this title is now available - they can be a bit slow sometimes!


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